Snowshoeing to Colma di Toceno

From Santa Maria Maggiore drive to Toceno and take the road for Arvogno.

You can park the car near “Capanno degli Alpini”, where you see the last houses of the village. Then (50m further on) take the ancient mule track that climbs zigzag through a wood of Scots pines and leads you to Colma di Toceno (Colma di Fuori). At the beginning the path is clearly indicated: “Sentiero M25 – SI – GTA”. Along the way you can find white and red marks.

After the wood, go up through the meadows covered with snow and the few huts of “Colma di fuori”. From here you can enjoy an enchanting view: the mounts of Ticino, Val Grande and the Swiss mountains of Canton Vallese. Continue until you cross a wide road, then turn left and walk down till “Colma di dentro”: the view stretches from Valle di Arvogno, to Pioda di Crana and Scheggia.

Take the level path near the beautiful restored mountain hut. Through rhododendrons and ancient larches, it leads you to Piana di Vigezzo. From there follow the wide road covered with snow that begins near the cable way station and goes to Colma di Toceno. From here walk down along the mule track to Arvogno.

WARNING: risk of avalanches on the path from Colma di Fuori to Piana di Vigezzo, both on the southern as well as on the northern mountainside.

A safer path is the one that – from Colma di Fuori – goes up towards North-East to Cima, then it follows the ridge and reaches Piana di Vigezzo. However this path crosses some ski-slopes. Great caution is required.

Time of ascent: 2 hours and 30 minutes

Grade: E

Ascent: mt. 700

Text and photos by Roberto Paniz