Bike in Valle Vigezzo

Valle Vigezzo is really a unique valley in Ossola, the ideal destination for relaxing holidays surrounded by enchanting nature, where you can enjoy numerous outdoor activities. Valle Vigezzo offers one of the longest cycle-pedestrian paths of Ossola!

A wide plateau at an altitude of 800 m a.s.l. between Ossola and Ticino, covered by woods: the best way to explore this valley is by bike! So everyone… on bike!

The 13km long cycle path goes from Druogno to Re and represents an alternative way to discover the enchanting landscape and the villages of Valle Vigezzo.

This cycle-pedestrian path is perfect for families with children: the path is level and goes through thick pinewoods.

The path goes through the area of Pineta in Santa Maria Maggiore, where you can find many sports facilities: a nine-hole golf course, riding-schools, volleyball and tennis courts and Praudina Adventure Park, etc.

This valley in Piedmont is appreciated also for its downhill tracks, although they are not always well marked and they do not offer a real “bike park”. Expert bikers can reach Piana di Vigezzo by cable-car and then go down the challenging tracks through woods and alpine pastures.
All the tracks are maintained and marked by a group of volunteers.

The map of the cycle paths is available in all the main tourist offices of Valle Vigezzo. It proposes 15 different tours in Valle Vigezzo: an alternative way to enjoy the enchanting landscape and the rich artistic tradition of this valley.

Enjoy also the experience Vigezzoinbici, a service of bike sharing offered by the Municipalities of the valley and run by Società Lepontina Gestioni Srl. You can reach Valle Vigezzo by train and then continue your excursion riding your bike on the level cycle path that runs through Valle Vigezzo… you can even cross the Swiss border and reach Locarno.


It is possible to hire a Vigezzoinbici bike in different villages of Valle Vigezzo. You can buy a prepaid card of 10.00€ and then hire a bicycle in any cycle-parking. It doesn’t matter where you are leaving from and where you are going to: at the end of your tour you can return the bicycle in any cycle-parking of Vigezzoinbici.

A useful service that allows everyone to visit Valle Vigezzo by bike and maybe to continue the tour on board a Vigezzina-Centovalli train.

Ufficio Informazioni Turistiche (Tourist Office)
Piazza della Chiesa – Druogno
Tel. +39 0324 93565 (working hours) or +39 348 0303696