Nordic Walking in Valle Vigezzo

Nordic walking is an extraordinary outdoor activity that combines sport, wellness and health with the discovery of the beautiful territory of Valle Vigezzo.

In Valle Vigezzo, as well as in Ossola, you can find numerous trails, mule tracks, unpaved roads and cycle routes, where you can enjoy Nordic Walking, this simple and healthy outdoor activity that can be practised with special poles similar to the ones used for cross-country skiing.

Nordic Walking is an easy, amusing and cheap activity that anyone can practise to achieve health benefits. You can practise it in any season and you don’t need any expensive equipment. Besides the environmental impact is really low.

Walking surrounded by nature is an opportunity to admire its beauties and to discover the territory. And if you discover and appreciate the features of a territory, you are going to protect it and to leave it as an important inheritance to the future generations.


  • Cycle path from Druogno to Re
  • The trail “Sentiero Rastellini”-Sasseglio-Coimo (dirt track)
  • Boschetto-Orcesco (loop trail, surfaced road and dirt track)
  • Vis Sana Druogno (loop trail, dirt track)
  • Area Verde in Crana and Melezzo Occidentale (loop trail, surfaced road and dirt track)
  • Vis Sana-Toceno (dirt track)
  • Piana Di Vigezzo-Hike to Baita Rosa (loop trail, dirt track)
  • Piana di Vigezzo-Colma di Craveggia (mule track)
  • Piano dei Lavonchi and the chalybeate water (loop trail, surfaced road and dirt track)
  • Alpe Blitz (loop trail, dirt track)
  • Villette: a tour to discover the local fauna and art (loop trail, surfaced road and dirt track)
  • The kilns of Valle Loana (loop trail, dirt track)

In Santa Maria Maggiore and in the whole Valle Vigezzo you can practise Nordic Walking by yourself or guided by expert instructors that will choose the best itineraries for your fitness level.

Jessica Mazzocco and Nori Botta are two national Nordic Walking Instructors of Sport Service. They will lead you to practise this healthy outdoor activity and to discover the beautiful territory of Valle Vigezzo.

Contact Jessica Mazzocco and Nori Botta:

+39 335 1345384