Circuito dei Santi

“Circuito dei Santi” (Circuit of the Saints) is a series of tours proposed in the whole Valle Vigezzo to discover the places of worship that represent the main cultural and artistic sites of the valley.

The historical and artistic treasures of Valle Vigezzo are shown in the religious buildings: more than 40 churches and little oratories were erected to express the ancient devotion of this mountain territory. The works you can admire were realized by artists from Valle Vigezzo or by artists coming from far away.

Chiesa Parrocchiale di Santa Maria Maggiore


Three different tours are proposed here: the West Tour (in the territories of Druogno and Santa Maria Maggiore), the Central Tour (in the territories of Toceno and Craveggia) and the East Tour (in the territories of Villette, Re and Malesco).

The website (together with the guide-book and the explanatory panels you can find in every site) can help you with your visit. The video–audio guides can be downloaded freely and they give useful information for tourists about the territory and the “history, “art” and “devotion” of each site.

La Madonna del Sangue presso il Santuario di Re