Centro Culturale Vecchio Municipio

In the past Vecchio Municipio was the seat of the Pretore (governor of the valley); afterwards it hosted the Council of Valle Vigezzo and then it became the town hall of Santa Maria Maggiore. Nowadays the building hosts temporary exhibitions and cultural events.

This building is one of the most representative in Santa Maria Maggiore. It is decorated with geometric patterns in warm colours. The most ancient part of the building is the dungeon tower, the little room with round arches dates back to the 17th century while the south wing of the building was built in the 19th century. The interior of the elegant building was restored in 2004 and it was transformed into a modern exhibition space.

These are the rooms of Centro Culturale Vecchio Municipio:


Sala  Mandamentale: it was the council chamber; nowadays it hosts meetings, conferences, literary events, concerts of classic or jazz music, entertaining activities for children or adults.

Saletta privata or Sala ex-posta: two little rooms with an ancient stone floor for side-events. They can be rented by associations or private citizens to organize exhibitions of paintings, sculptures, photographs, etc..

Il Vecchio Municipio


There are three little cells that host exhibitions. They are connected by narrow winding stairs. Really a fascinating place!


Sala espositiva is a wide room that has been recently restored. It hosts the exhibitions organized by the Municipality of Santa Maria Maggiore together with Gruppo Centro Culturale Vecchio Municipio (a group of experts of local culture).
The central theme of exhibitions, which are proposed during the whole year, is always connected with alpine culture.