#sostengosanta: promoting Santa

Since 2015 Santa Maria Maggiore has been investing in the tourist promotion of the village, its events and its commercial activities. This long-term project has been realized thanks to the important economic support of the Municipality and the commercial and tourist operators of the village, that can be recognised by the label #sostengosanta.

More than 50 commercial activities believe in the importance of the promotion of this tourist destination with modern and efficient means of communication. The common purpose is the promotion of Santa Maria Maggiore, its historical and artistic treasures, its food tradition and its lively commercial activities.

This promotion has obtained great results; some events organized in Santa Maria Maggiore have become so popular to increase the number of tourists and to attract the attention of different national newspapers, TVs and radios. New forms of tourism have been recently developing.

Thanks to the pages dedicated to the village on the most popular social networksFacebook and Instagram, a rich and updated website, a professional press office, Santa Maria Maggiore has become a very popular tourist destination. This project is going to be continued: on this website and on the shop windows of the commercial activities you will find the label #sostengosanta: because if you love Santa Maria Maggiore, you support it.


  • on the window shops showing this label (see the facsimile below)

Enjoy your holidays in Santa Maria Maggiore!