Hike to Laghetti di Moino – T

This is one of the most popular hikes of Valle Vigezzo. Are you ready to go?

Take the cable car from Prestinone to reach Piana di Vigezzo. For info and timetables click here or visit the official website.

Take the mule track (M25–SI–GTA) on the right of the Ratagin Restaurant. This wide unpaved road is initially level and then becomes a mule track that climbs until Bocchetta di Moino (1974 m). The ascent is well marked and not very steep.

The view is wonderful. You will admire all the villages of Valle Vigezzo surrounded by mountains. To the west the mountain chain that divides Ossola from Canton Vallese will attract your attention: Monte Rosa, Mischabel and Weissmies rise to well over 4000 m. To the south you will see the Mounts of Val Grande. While towards west/north-west Valle di Arvogno opens in front of you, showing all its mountain pastures and traditional huts and on the background Pioda di Crana and Pizzo Scheggia.

From Bocchetta di Moino take the marked mule track that slopes down to Valle Onsernone.

Along the way you will see the first little lake (1881 m) and then Bivacco Greppi of CAI Vigezzo (currently unfit for use). Continue along the level path to reach the second little lake and Alpe Ruggia, still used for summer alpine grazing. For this reason delicious cheese can be found here.

The third little lake is situated at a higher altitude and you can reach it along an easy track that climbs from the second lake towards south. The beginning of the track is not well marked. The view stretches over Valle Onsernone, that is part of the Swiss territory.
You can come back along the same route. Don’t forget however to check the timetables of the cable car from Piana di Vigezzo to Prestinone.

Time of ascent: 1h and 30 minutes

Ascent: 250m+150m

Trek grade: T

Text by Enrico Cheula
Photo by Roberto Paniz