Snowshoeing to Mount Ziccher

From Santa Maria Maggiore take the road for Craveggia and follow the indications “Alpe Blitz”. Continue on this road until you reach a car park, where you can park your car. Walk on the unpaved road until you reach Alpe Blitz (about 1200 m) and the three restaurants, go up through the meadows to the left until you reach the little Oratory ( 1270 m). From the car parking you can reach the Oratory also following the path that goes up to the left, crosses “Rio Piotti” and through a beechwood leads you to the little church. From the Oratory go up towards north; after a big and restored hut turn right and follow the path that leads to “Alpe Pragrande”.

After some cottages, continue through a depression and follow the level path to the right that crosses the mountainside, then go up and follow the ridge towards North until you reach the meadows of Alpe Oro (1475 m). After the huts go through the thick fir-wood and try to follow the summer path.
You will enjoy a scenic view of the valley of “Rio degli Orti”. The trail winds up through clearings and thick woods and it leads you diagonally towards North-West to “Bocchetta di S. Antonio”.

At an altitude of about 1,700 m leave the summer path and go up towards North to reach the foresummit of Mount Ziccher (1894 m): enjoy the scenic view that stretches over Lake Maggiore. Caution is required: the East mountainside is exposed. Continue until you reach a pass and then go up the steep trail to reach the summit. This last part of the trail requires caution: do not leave the path on the ridge, do not walk on the lateral mountainsides that can be dangerous. If possible, do not wear snowshoes to go up this last part of the trail.

Time of ascent: 3 hours

Ascent: about 770 m

Grade: E

Text and photos by Roberto Paniz