A journey through the most genuine and authentic food tradition of this territory, thanks to the chefs of our restaurants: small inns, traditional farmhouses, gourmet restaurants and pizzerias. This is our complete guide for your tasty holidays. Enjoy your meal!


Hotel and restaurant run by Alessandra and her husband Sandro, refined and elegant place, great attention to the details “that make the difference”, traditional and local cuisine with original proposals, tourist packages for every season.
Events and gourmet dinners in every season, with genuine and local products.
It is situated in front of the station of Santa Maria Maggiore. You can reach it also by train, with the Vigezzina-Centovalli Railway Line.

Piazzale Diaz 3
+39 0324 95013


Gianpietro Bona and the chef Stefano Tartari will receive you in the warm atmosphere of this restaurant in the old town centre of the village. Excellent cuisine that follows the alpine food tradition; original and wise combination of local ingredients; refined menus, tasting and appetizers for special events.


Caterina will welcome you warmly in the restaurant of the Hotel La Jazza, where you will taste the traditional dishes prepared by the chef Mellerio according to the season: game, lake fish, penny bun mushrooms, fried vegetables and flowers, home-made desserts.
The wide halls, the scenic terrace and the garden make this restaurant the ideal place for wedding banquets and events.
The quiet and familiar atmosphere and the accurate and polite service will ensure a pleasant holiday.

Via La Jazza 25
+39 0324 94471


The beautiful hotel and the restaurant are run by Gilberto and Fabienne. The restaurant boasts an elegant and sunny banqueting hall for weddings or business lunches, with music. Outside a tennis court and a wide garden for your relax. High-quality and genuine cuisine.

300 seats

Via Cavour 25
+39 0324 95098


Restaurant and pizzeria situated on the main road that leads to Santa Maria Maggiore, pleasant atmosphere, friendly and efficient service, wide rooms and open space for summer. Specialities: wide choice of pizzas and desserts.

Via Domodossola 94
+39 0324 93376


The restaurant and pizzeria Al Cortiletto is a modern and charming place, with veranda and garden for summertime. Roberto and Elisa will welcome you in their restaurant, where you can taste an excellent pizza, delicious meats cooked on a hot soapstone and their special freshly backed bread.

40+30 seats

Via Cavalli 20 A/B/C
+39 0324 905678


Traditional restaurant and pizzeria. It offers traditional dishes with genuine and local ingredients, seasonal dishes, homemade desserts. Wine of its own production.

90+90 Seats

Via Domodossola 37
+39 338 4625752
+39 342 9241108


Restaurant and pizzeria run by the cheerful Lauro, very well renovated, welcoming place, situated in the centre of the village, in the beautiful Piazza Risorgimento with an open space for summer. Speciality: Piedmont-style mixed boiled meats. Rich variety of pizzas baked in wood-burning oven. Delicious dishes with game, meat and local salami. Excellent choice of fish recipes. Themed food nights are organized.

100+60 Seats

Piazza Risorgimento 9
+39 0324 95088


This restaurant and pizzeria, run by the Giorgi family, is situated in the heart of Santa Maria Maggiore. It was opened in 1956 in a noble house of the 18th century and it was the first pizzeria to be opened in Ossola. It is a charming and comfortable place with artistic and folkloric curiosities. Daniela and all the friendly staff can speak English, French and German and they will welcome you wearing the traditional costumes of Valle Vigezzo.
Excellent pizza, tasty dishes of the Ossola tradition, delicious home-made desserts. An ideal restaurant also for groups. Special menu dedicated to the Chimney Sweep.

54 seats

Via Rosmini 1
+39 0324 95061