Hike to Alpe Scaredi and Pizzo Laurasca – EE

This hike – in the territory of Valgrande (the biggest wilderness area of Europe) – offers you breathtaking views.

From Santa Maria Maggiore drive to Malesco and take the road for Valle Loana until you reach Fondo li Gabbi (1246 m), where the road ends and you will find a car park. Park your car and take the unpaved road M14-SI-GTA. The easy ascent leads you to the head of the valley.

Cross the torrent and follow the mule track that climbs to the Fornaci (the ancient lime kilns that have been recently restored) then continue and go up the zigzag path until you reach Alpe Cortenuovo (1790 m) and then Alpe Scaredi (1841 m).

This is a privileged access point to Parco Nazionale Val Grande.
You can find here a mountain hut that hikers can use for overnight stay.

The view is outstanding: towards west the deep valley covered with woods leads to the heart of Val Grande and Colma di Premosello; on the background Monte Rosa and its mountain chain rising over 4000 m divide this territory from Canton Vallese; towards south Monte Laurasca and Cimone di Cortechiuso can be admired.

You can find here the ideal place for a picnic, a fountain basin with fresh water and – in case of bad weather – the hut offers a hall with a table, benches and a wood stove.

Continue towards south, after the fountain the path slopes down slightly to reach the other side of the valley and then it winds up among rocks and small mountain lakes. The ascent becomes steeper. Continue until you reach a fork: the track GTA-SI-S29 (on the left) leads to Bocchetta di Cortechiuso and Valle Cannobina, while the path M14 (to the right) continues to Pizzo Laurasca and Bocchetta di Campo.

After a short distance, you will find another fork: the level path to the right leads to Bocchetta di Scaredi and “Rifugio Bocchetta di Campo”, while the path to the left climbs steeply to Pizzo Laurasca. The track is well marked but it is steep and goes through stones and screes and great caution is required.

When you reach the summit, you will enjoy an outstanding view: towards east Valle Cannobina and Monte Gridone; towards north Val Loana, Valle Vigezzo and its mountains; towards west Val Grande, Colma di Premosello and Monte Rosa; towards south Valle Pogallo and further on Lago Maggiore.
The descent follows the same route.

Time of ascent: 3 hours and 50 minutes

Ascent: m 950

Trek grade: EE

Text by Enrico Cheula
Photo by Roberto Paniz