The future of Casa del Profumo

Casa del Profumo is planning its future thanks to important collaborations with Atelier Fragranze Milano – a laboratory that creates fragrances for the main perfume brands of the world – and with the three main historic brands that are still producing Eau the Cologne following the original formula of Feminis and Farina.
4711 and Johann Maria Farina gegenüber dem Jülichs-Platz, two important perfume producers from Cologne, and the famous French perfume house Roger&Gallet, the heir of the brand Jean-Marie Farina, have decided to provide Casa del Profumo with their ancient and recent productions of Eau de Cologne.
Casa del Profumo has a promising future: some perfume companies showed their great interest in the project of the Municipality of Santa Maria Maggiore. Their interest gives more importance to the role of “Made in Italy” also in perfumery, a field that has always been “dominated” by France, although the Italian creativity has always played a very important role.

This is not magic… you take the spirit of wine… then you need the flowers and the aromatic plants, the ones that grow on our hills in Italy. And you have to know which flowers and which proportions. Then put them into a vat, keep it covered and let them macerate for one moon cycle, remove them and put them again into the vat, add bergamot and rosemary, but only when the moon is waning. So, this is the secret!
(Giovanni Paolo Feminis, 1660-1736)

Casa del Profumo offers a very fascinating experience and it is certainly a new important museum of the cultural offer in Piedmont. Santa Maria Maggiore is proud of the history of the most famous perfume of the world that was created in this little village of the Italian Alps, a privileged witness of the extraordinary stories of these mountains.