The exhibition area of Casa del Profumo

The exhibition area of Casa del Profumo Feminis-Farina represents a real journey through the famous and ancient history of Eau de Cologne.

You will discover here a little multi-sensory museum: for the first time you will find out curious events related to the real history of Eau de Cologne.


The ground floor of Casa del Profumo houses a little exhibition of essences and herbs composing the original recipe of Eau de Cologne, an elegant info point and a little gift shop.
Visit also the little garden and enjoy the sweet-smelling essences and the beautiful greenhouse.

The first floor of Casa del Profumo houses a modern and fascinating exhibition that mixes together innovation and history, thanks to a technologic and multi-sensory tour.

The two wings of this floor, which is a sort of open space, tell the history of Valle Vigezzo “from the head to the heart”, presenting stories and information about Eau de Cologne, the phenomenon of emigration and the traditional costume of Valle Vigezzo.



“The Heart” of Casa del Profumo is furnished with modern fittings. You will enjoy an extraordinary experience: a multi-sensory approach to essences and fragrances. The room houses also traditional costumes of Valle Vigezzo: wonderful dresses embellished with silk and laces and ancient jewels are displayed here.