Grocers and food shops of local products, little stores… these are all the useful addresses for your holiday in Santa Maria Maggiore!


This food shop owned by the Nicolai family is located in the old town centre of Santa Maria Maggiore, not far from Piazza Risorgimento. This Carrefour store guarantees a wide choice of fresh or packaged products with special offers every week. Local products can also be found here: cheese, salami, wines and liqueurs. The shop offers also a rich variety of fresh fruit and vegetables. Alimentary Nicolai – Carrefour Express provides you with all you need for your mountain holiday!

Via Benefattori 57
+39 0324 95077


In 2000 “Cooperativa Agricola Valle Vigezzo” founded “Latteria Vigezzina”, where the milk produced by all the partners is transformed into cheese by Luigia, the young dairywoman. The dairy proposes a selection of cheeses for every taste with the quality label “Marchio di Qualità”: Blue-veined cheese, fresh or seasoned cheese, one of the most tasty ricotta cheese of Piedmont, excellent yoghurt and delicious butter. In the dairy shop you can also buy local pork salted meat of any kind and local honey to be served with cheese.

Via Pittor Belcastro 1
+39 0324 94733
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Bottega della Pasta in Santa Maria Maggiore has been producing fresh pasta for more than 30 years. Filippo proposes the ancient traditional recipes as well as new products related to the local territory. Do not miss to buy the “ravioli di cervo”, with the traditional pasta of Valle Vigezzo ( 00 flour, buckwheat flour and eggs) and the braised venison filling. Enjoy also the unique taste of the ravioli with cheese and walnuts or “Tortellino di Vigezzo”, filled with traditional ham of Valle Vigezzo. If you love dumplings, you can buy here “Gnocchi Ossolani” (potatoes, pumpkin and chestnut flour) and “Gnocchi Vigezzini” (potatoes and local smoked bacon). All these products are strictly connected to the territory and produced with local quality ingredients. Besides La Bottega della Pasta offers also the classic pasta: egg tagliatelle, ravioli filled with meat, with ricotta cheese and spinach or with pumpkin, potatoes dumplings and gourmet products.

Via Cadorna 30
+39 0324 94968


This family business owned by Pierino Bona has been producing this delicious ham for a long time. “Prosciutto Montano Vigezzino” is the traditional ham produced in Crana, hamlet of Santa Maria Maggiore, following an ancient family recipe. Italian high-quality raw-ham is slightly smoked and juniper berries are used during this process to give the ham its unique taste. The accurate methods of salting and aging – that lasts 15/18 months – guarantee the quality of this product, one of the most loved in Piedmont, exported also abroad.

Via Feminis 36 – Crana
+39 0324 95056
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Ristorante Locarno is also a little shop of quality food products. You can enjoy here an experience of all the senses: a lot of colours, scents, objects to see, to smell and to buy. Raffaella will welcome you and she will help you to find the right gift. Her specialty? Refined packaging for every taste.

Piazza Risorgimento 10
+39 0324 95088