The ground floor


The ground floor of Casa del Profumo houses a little exhibition of essences and herbs composing the original recipe of Eau de Cologne and an elegant info point.
You will find also here a little gift shop where you can by a scented souvenir – labelled “Eau de Cologne”- of your visit to Casa del Profumo. You can choose among the refined aroma diffusers, the scented herbal teas or the sparkling “bomberbe”, the effervescent and fragrant bath bombs. Do not miss Aqua Mirabilis, the new unisex perfume, inspired by the ancient recipe of Feminis and Farina and proposed according to modern taste!

During your visit you will be enchanted by the “green heart” of the museum, dedicated to the essences that composed Aqua Mirabilis and that are the base notes of the modern “Eau de Cologne”. You will discover a marvellous garden that has been made precious with a little citrus orchard, surrounded by herbs and sweet-smelling plants used in the original formula of Eau de Cologne, the most ancient perfume of the world. In the middle of this pretty garden there is a beautiful greenhouse that hosts cultural events connected with the world of perfumery.