The first floor – The head


The first floor of Casa del Profumo houses a modern and fascinating exhibition that mixes together innovation and history, thanks to a technologic and multi-sensory tour.

The two wings of this floor, which is a sort of open space, tell the history of Valle Vigezzo “from the head to the heart”, presenting stories, impressions, information about Eau de Cologne, the phenomenon of emigration and the traditional costume of Valle Vigezzo.

At the entrance, on first floor, a multimedia installation and a 3D video lead visitors through the tour of the museum. The inventor of Eau de Cologne, Giovanni Paolo Feminis, the merchant Giovanni Maria Farina and a woman wearing the traditional costume of Valle Vigezzo represent the invention, the promotion and the use of Eau de Cologne.



In the first room, which is called “The Head”, you will discover the origins and the most ancient development of Eau de Cologne and of the traditional costume of Valle Vigezzo, as well as the roots of all the elements that characterize the history of Valle Vigezzo, which is strictly connected with the phenomenon of emigration.

The ancient furnishings convey the sense of antiquity and the story is told through images and objects of an alchemist’s shop: the balance, the alembic, ampoules and potiche, full of fragrant herbs and the ancient and fascinating flacons in order to recall the original recipe of Eau de Cologne.



The first room offers also a multimedia tour that deals with the theme of emigration: discover the journeys connected with the history of Eau de Cologne or with the history of the Mellerios, famous goldsmiths, as well as the itineraries of painters and chimneysweeps in search of fortune, fame and success.